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"Island Princess", Pastel on newsprint paper, 2014. 


Tricky - ‘Black Steel’

Taken from debut album, ‘Maxinquaye’, and a comprehensively reimagined cover of the Public Enemy song “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos’, ‘Black Steel’ is another highlight from that groundbreaking debut album.



David Osagie

Country: Nigeria

Style: Digital Art Painting

Medium: Digital


1. Dark Side

2. Linda Ikeji

3. Soyinka


5. Hausa

6. Old Lagos

7. Strong black woman

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Jazz Spastiks ft Moka Only - ‘Frequency’

Founding Fathers: The Untold Story Of Hip Hop

A factual report about unsung DJ’s who contributed to the foundational principals of the music known today as Hip Hop. This documentary transports you to a journey back to the early underground disco days of the streets and parks throughout New York City.

I’m not sure it’s hugely important or relevant to try and pinpoint exactly which ‘individual/s’ created hip hop. I tend to be of the mind that culture is the product of communal thought, process and practice. Nevertheless, this documentary is an interesting look at some pioneers of what came to be known as hip hop culture.


Steven Marley - ‘Bongo Nya’ ft Spragga Benz & Damian ‘Jnr Gong’ Marley

Randy Valentine - ‘Sound The Alarm’

On itunes:
from the BREAK THE CHAIN EP released May 2nd 2014.
Produced by Jr Blender & Riga.


Whoa .

Iron Braydz - ‘Dredd’

Taken from the “Verbal sWARdz" EP which releases on Unorthostract Records on 14th April 2014.

The EP, the first of a series of releases planned by the North London MC over the next year, includes features by several of his fellow Triple Darkness members as well as Kyza, Skriblah, Organized Konfusion’s Prince Po and Boot Camp Clik’s Sean Price.

It will be available in digital format from

Eric B & Rakim - ‘Follow The Leader’

This episode, we talk to one of hip hop’s most honored rappers - Rakim Allah, the God MC. Rakim was only a teenager when he broke into the New York rap scene as part of famed Golden Age duo Eric B & Rakim, with Eric B sampling and mixing, Rakim as the MC. From the MC’s beginning, he was influential — credited with creating the technique of internal rhyming in rap music. While his Long Island neighbors in Public Enemy were setting the stage with black nationalism in rap, Rakim, a member of the Nation Of Gods & Earths (formerly the Five Percent Nation of Islam), explored a mindful spirituality of his own...

(Source: / RapGenius)