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Chris Rivers - ‘Askin’

Saigon - ‘Nunya’ (prod by DJ Premier)


Brazilian graffiti artist Alexandre Keto is currently in Ghana as part of his Africa tour. He’s together with another Ghanaian graffiti artist Moh Fsc Awudu working on some amazing projects in Accra. These are some of the stuff they’ve done so far.    

(via abstrackafricana)

Drift - ‘Kiyana’

Wildchild - ‘The Jackal’ (Madlib Invasion)


DG commander-Asha by david-sladek

Oi Polloi - ‘Bash The Fash’

Not I & I’s usual type post but feelin’ the simple catchy chorus.

Rapsody - ‘Godzilla’

From The Forthcoming EP “Beauty and The Beast” courtesy of Jamla Records.


Case Arnold - ‘Head Trip’


Artist: Christophe Gilbert

Choosey - ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ (prob by Exile)